The Body Always Dances

25 August 2008 | 14:40 | English | Leave a comment
A dancer on stage on a Yuri da Cunha concert last April in Luanda, Angola (picture Caro Bonink)My head is still a bit fuzzy from last night's champagne and all the gin tonics after that. My best friend Ana and I ended up in Havana, a Maputo club, spending the better part of the evening dancing. That reminded me that I still wanted to quote another piece of Kapuściński's Soccer War on this weblog. In the chapter on Lumumba the late Polish journalist described his favourite bar in Africa, a bar that could be anywhere on the continent: 'The records are so worn out that they no longer carry melody (...) But the bar dances. It makes no difference if everyone is sitting down. Look at their feet, their shoulders, their hands. You can talk, argue and flirt, do business, read the Bible or snooze. The body always dances. The belly undulates, the head sways, the whole bar sways until late at night.' Grown up with two dancing teachers for parents, for me dancing has always been a natural part of life. Kapuściński describes exactly what made me feel at home the first time I came to Africa - and ever since.