The Continuing War on Condoms

10 March 2009 | 13:17 | English | Leave a comment
Condoms distributed by the Ugandan governmentThe way the condom was being discredited in Uganda was a reason for me to travel to the East-African country three years ago. Several parties, from demagogue self announced pastors to would be scientists, went out of their way to make the public believe the preservatives were unsafe and did not protect sufficiently against the aids virus. Returning to Uganda now not much seems to have changed. Last week gossip paper Red Pepper - never minding much about journalist ethics - opened with a page wide announcement that two thirds of the condoms in Uganda are fake. Source was a Chinese company that apparently was in the country to plug their own preservatives. The National Drug Authority calls the story a blatant lie. But the deed has been done: another blow has been delivered to the reputation of condoms. All this in a country where seven percent of adults is living with hiv-aids - a number that is still going up.