‘Of Course We Know It’s Christmas’

23 December 2011 | 18:54 | English | Leave a comment (one)
Never really looked at the original cover of the single - kind of gives you the creeps, doesn't it?'Was he just saying Africans were stupid? Of course we knew.' South-African singer Boomtown Gundane has always been irritated by the song Do They Know it's Christmas. Mid eighties this single raised millions of pounds for the relief of the famine in Ethiopia. The Bob Geldof project set off the vogue for celebrities to get into development aid. After 28 years there finally is an African answer to the Band Aid song. The single is appropriately called Yes we do and is said to have been launched in Cape Town this month. The proceeds will go towards teaching discipline, literacy and contraception at British schools. Don't go looking for the mp3 though. The song does not exist. Nor does the outspoken singer Gundane. It is a hoax. A nice one, that many fell into. Apparently there is a need for an answer to that Geldof song. Waiting for an African group to jump on the bandwagon and make it.

Pleasure Reborn

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A reconstructive operation restores the clitoris.We'd talked about it a lot, and finally she decided to go through with it. She asked me to be there and report 'to show other women it can be done.' My friend from Burkina Faso, circumcised when she was a little girl, wanted to regain what was taken from her. Together we went to the clinic in Ouagadougou, where she had reconstructive surgery that gave her back her clitoris. The procedure did not even last half an hour. Preparation and recovery of course took a lot longer and comprised many sometimes hilarious conversations about sexuality, orgasms and masturbation. My report about it will be published in the next issue of MS Magazine.
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Early New Year's Resolutions

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Bus stop in Ebute Metta on the Lagos mainland.A bit early I admit, these year's resolutions. But then migrating is a big move and one cannot start preparing early enough. For the Nigerian website I wrote a blog on what I will and will not do once I have moved to Lagos, the buzzing economic capital of Nigeria. Obviously I did not get it everything in - I did not even start about mastering driving in Lagos traffic because I fear this is an entire blog in itself - but this is a beginning. And yes, feel free to remind me of this piece by the end of 2013 to see how I'm doing.
10 Things to Do Once I Have Moved to Lagos