Best Enjoyed at Night

27 March 2012 | 09:45 | English | Leave a comment
Confusing disguise...My right hand with the carefully kneaded little ball of amala is half way my to mouth when I look up. Three pairs of eyes are pointed at me. Apparently the personnel of this joint around the corner in Agege, Lagos, does not have a whole lot to do. The waitress with the shuffling pace brought me a bottle of water and then took a seat at the nearest table. She manoeuvred the plastic chair in such a way she now has an excellent view of the stainless steel bowl with okra soup in front of me on the table. With great interest she follows how I dip the yam dough in the slimy green sauce and try to hoist it up without creating to many threads. I stuff the amala in my mouth, wipe the one unavoidable string of slime off my chin with a napkin and go on eating. Ten years of travelling in Sub-Saharan Africa made me almost immune to stares. Most of the time, at least.
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Golden Opportunity

22 March 2012 | 13:23 | English | Leave a comment (one)
One needs sun glasses to look at his company's website - so much bling and glitter is on itA managing director in showbiz has heard of me already and wants to launch me on television? I had understood Nigeria was the land of opportunity, but hadn’t expected things to happen this fast. I have only been in Lagos for a week. My cv must have been going round in the right circles...
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Femke becomes Funke

16 March 2012 | 14:52 | English | Leave a comment
Besides me and the cabin personnel theflight to Lagos carries hardly any white people..Writing behind people's backs - it is not intended that way but it is often what it feels like when you write your stories in a language your interviewees do not understand. The coming months I will be blogging about my moving process to Lagos on the Dutch website But this time the interviewees will be able to read it too: YNaija, a Nigerian website and magazine, will simultaneously publish the English equivalent 'Femke becomes Funke'.
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