Turning the tide on Alfa Beach

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Councillor Elegushi of Okun Alfa in front of a building destroyed by the ocean surge.Alfa Beach used to be a popular weekend destination for Lagosians, until the ocean washed it away. It destroyed not just a beach, but also the local community’s livelihood and houses. The danger has not subsided: the sea is moving into the land at an alarming pace. How can the people of Okun Alfa cope, and will they be able to organise themselves? Read my report Can Okun Alfa Turn the Tide?

It's out there! (In Dutch)

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My novel Koning van de baracca's launched. Down town Utrecht, 30 September, book shop Savannah BayIt feels more vulnerable than a non fiction book hitting the book shops: as of today my third book and first novel Koning van de baracca's (King of the Barracas) is available. The idea that people will now actually read about the characters born in my mind, is slightly frightening. I am still bedazzled from yesterday's book launch in down town Utrecht attended by some many dear friends and family, and hosted by independent book shop Savannah Bay. As for an English translation: fingers crossed. You'll be the first to know.
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When slum areas become real estate opportunities

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Fishing is an important source of income for the community at the Lekki coast.When you live in an area without public amenities and not recognised by the government, not many things are certain. One thing though is quite likely: without much warning bulldozers might arrive one day to level your property. In Lagos, slum dwellers and villagers have been opposing illegal evictions with varying degrees of success. What can others learn from their experiences? Read my report No divide and rule please, on the successful fight of the fishing communities in Lekki, who saw their homes and livelihood threatened by an industrial development project comprising their land.

Ebola: the risks

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The mass text message I received this week from the Nigerian Ministry of Health.The first case of Ebola in Lagos leaves me with a lot of questions, as a journalist and a Lagosian, so I contacted Dr. Dan Bausch , Associate Professor Tropical Medicine at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. I tweeted the interview with him, and am putting it on my website as well, for people who are worried about themselves, their loved ones and/or me. Dr Bausch is a specialist in tropical viruses involved in fight against Ebola in West-Africa. Following tweets are his quotes.

King of the Barracas

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From the Fall catalogue of Ambo|AnthosDaniel is the king of the barracas in Maputo. With an Amstel beer in his hand and his hair in dreadlocks, he parades from bar to bar, and from woman to woman. His prey: white people with a heart for Africa. When he meets Portuguese Cristina, his future appears to be provided for. Cristina was brought up with the motto 'you need to help those who are less off than you' and works as a volunteer for a foundation for street children in Mozambique. At first sight they seem to be a couple that confirms all clichés, but Daniel and Cristina might turn out to be an exception.

Beyond Boko Haram

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The day after I'd arrived in The Netherlands I was interviewed for news tv show Nieuwsuur.After months of silence, I returned to the Netherlands temporarily, which coincided with the publicity boom around the kidnapped girls in Chibok in the northeast of Nigeria. All of a sudden the country where I am posted was a hot item, and Boko Haram the only subject foreign desks of tv and radio shows wanted to hear about. I did try to also explain that Nigeria is more than Boko Haram - not always successfully. After two weeks of media frenzy I was happy to return home to the peace and quiet of Lagos. Some of the interviews on radio and tv - all in Dutch:
Nieuwsuur, 12 May
De Nieuws BV, 23 May (item starts at 26 minutes)
Dichtbij Nederland, 26 May
And Friday June 13, 12.45 at BNN on Radio 1

Writing in Jamaica

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Jamaican beaches...Why so little is heard of from my side? I am spending a couple of months in Jamaica. I took some time off from the hustle and bustle of Lagos to finish my third book. This novel - my first - will be published this year with Dutch publisher Ambo|Anthos. Next month I'll return to Nigeria. Your correspondent will then be fully functional again in her journalistic capacity. Enough work to be done with the Nigerian elections in 2015 on their way. In that sense my Jamaican retreat may turn out to be the silence before the storm.

Court Fatigue

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This Lagos market is threatened with illegal eviction. No way they are going to court against it. That would take too long.Since September, I have spent over fourteen full days in different Magistrate’s courtrooms in Lagos, and I haven’t heard a single verdict. One of the reasons cases drag on is a chronic absence of witnesses. Formerly dedicated witnesses get tired after years of adjournments and eventually give up on over-aged cases. Even if they have been informed about the date they are supposed to testify in court, there is not much the Prosecutor can do to force them to appear.
Read Court Chronicles: Witnesses Suffering Court Fatigue