Papa Jérôme

22 May 2008 | 14:15 | English
Jérôme Bangwene in front of his photo studio in BukavuIf you'd read my book, you'd understand why I was upset when I heard about it. Just after I returned from Angola, I got the sad message that Papa Jérôme died unexpectedly in April. I met Jérôme Bangwene the first time I was in Congo. My father had passed away not too long before, and somehow the small Congolese photographer who had the same age as he, touched my feelings. I got to know his family and was always welcome in the little house in Kadutu, a popular quarter in Bukavu, Eastern Congo. His concern for me was moving. When I'd take the boat to Goma, he'd always arrange for one of his sons to be waiting for me on the other side of Lake Kivu. I was looking forward to seeing him again in October, when I'll be back in Congo. But now I will only meet Maman Justine, his wife, to pass her and the family my condolences. Today it is exactly four years ago that Hub., my own father, died. He was aged 62, Papa Jérôme 65. I thought it was an appropriate moment to memorize them both.
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