Why not Maputo

27 February 2012 | 12:02 | English
View of one of the prettiest cities I know in AfricaWhile packing to leave for Lagos, Nigeria, I realise I owe an explanation. An explanation to Maputo, Mozambique, my favourite city on the continent ever since I started travelling through Sub-Saharan Africa ten years ago. As several friends understandably asked me when they heard I was moving to Lagos: why not Maputo? The answer is simple: the prettiest town I've been to in Africa might be a wonderful place to have a holiday, it is not necessarily a good working environment. Maybe because it is so much fun. I am not betraying you, my dear Maputo, I am just protecting myself. And I totally love the hustling and bustling of Lagos, its energy and promise. But rest assured, Maputo, that I will be back. If only to work on my novel, that partly takes place in your acacia fringed avenues. I will always manage to squeeze you into my work in some way.
  1. Hello, Femke :)

    Please send me your email address. Or email me. I need to send you something. :)

    Osemhen - 29 02 12 - 20:58
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