Rape Victim Zuma Obtains Asylum in the Netherlands

03 July 2007 | 10:04 | English
'I have been raped by comrades before. They force women to sleep with them, even now, because they have the power to do so. And no one dares to speak out.' The culture of violence has never ceased to exist in the South-African ANC, even after the end of apartheid, says Fezeka Kuzwayo. Kuzwayo is the woman who accused former vice president Jacob Zuma of raping her. The rape trial that followed led to Zumas acquittal, because 'the state had not proven the case beyond reasonable doubt.' As it turns out, Kuzwayo and her mother have gotten political asylum in the Netherlands. Dutch correspondent Kees Broere has the scoop this morning with an interview in de Volkskrant with the now 32 year old Kuzwayo.
The trial against former vice president Jacob Zuma in Johannesburg led to sometimes nauseating expressions of misogyny. Zuma's supporters cried out to 'Burn the bitch' and publicly denounced the woman who had dared to press rape charges against the man who was like an uncle to her. Kuswayo was contempted and threatened and isolated by the party that she and her family devoted their lives to in the struggle against apartheid.
It is hard to speak out about sexual violence, as any woman knows who has ever experienced this. Especially when the perpetrator is someone close to you - as in 40 percent of the cases in South-Africa. When a woman has the guts to go to the police, often what is called 'a second rape' awaits her.
The women in Eastern Congo who dared to go on the streets and demonstrate against the massive rapes during the war, were called 'whores of the Rwandans' by some bystanders. Even in The Netherlands only a tiny part of all rape cases that get to court led to a conviction - a much lower percentage than for any other kind of crime that is judged. On the other hand the media tend to have a bigger interest in a handful of false accusations than in the boat load of real victims.
In Kuzwayo's case it turns out that the threats did not stop after the acquittal. In May 2006 Kuzwayo and her mother came to the Netherlands on a business visa. After that had expired, they applied for political asylum, that has been granted last month.
I was often infuriated by the macho display of Zuma's supporters. Kuzwayo's name was dragged through the mire and she was publicly humiliated in all sorts of ways. I often felt powerless: wasn't there anything I could do to let her know that she did not stand alone in this?
It is terrible to learn now that she and her mother felt they had to flee their country. In South-Africa a woman is raped every 26 seconds. Only seven percent of reported cases lead to conviction. Let's not keep silent about this.
  1. South Africa is in a position whereby they allowed the majority to take over, and its a typical case of the wrong people in the right roles. The above URL has other stories that resulted in this situation
    Claude - 25 07 12 - 19:15
  2. Fezeka Khuzwayo is not a rape victim. She’s a false rape accuser. Zuma was acquited.
    Ikabot - 18 10 12 - 15:14
  3. When Fezeka was a young girl she was raped and Zuma paid for the counseling sessions for the young lady, that is why he is been declared an ”uncle”
    This information was never made public because the 1st advocate who had this info received death threads. The case was then given to a prof of psychology university of Pretoria she also received death threats from the ANC that is why Zuma won the case. Zuma knew that this lady is was vulnerable and he exploited that.
    zombo - 25 10 12 - 10:57
  4. Disgusting that the president of the now “free” South Africa is allowed to do this and nobody bats an eye. Jacob Zuma is a thief, polygamist and a criminal all together. South Africa is sure to become the next Zimbabwe if this man remains in power.
    Jack Sparow - 20 01 14 - 16:35
  5. Except Zuma didn’t do this. What Fezeka Khuzwayo did do was falsely accuse Zuma of rape.
    Ikabot - 21 01 14 - 05:21
  6. Ikabot, doesn’t know what he is talking about. It’s nonsensical and very idiotic for him to say the President was falsely accused, when it’s public knowledge that the President has been doing all this sexual shenanigans even in exile (Tanzania etc).
    James Qololo - 29 01 14 - 11:12
  7. Yes, JZ and Fezeka Khuzwayo got up to sexual shenanigans together. That’s well documented. He’s still not a rapist, and Fezeka Khuzwayo is still a false rape accuser.

    Rape is not sexual shenanigans. It’s a violent crime. Falsely accusing someone of a violent crime is reprehensible.

    The president was falsely accused because he was accused of rape and is innocent of rape.
    Ikabot - 29 01 14 - 12:35
  8. Ikabot is a complete ignoramus. He is saying Zuma is innocent because a south african court ruled as such. zuma was not falsely accused, he is a rapist, a thief, a fraudster and more corrupt than most politicians this world has ever known. Of course the court would find him innocent. The country at the time was already governed by the ANC and anyone who does not comply gets removed. Ikabot you moron.
    peter - 09 05 14 - 16:25
  9. Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat is a universal principle of law.

    It means that one is presumed innocent unless proven otherwise.

    It means that because Zuma was not convicted of rape (or fraud or corruption for that matter), it is factually incorrect to call him a rapist.

    “Ikabot you moron” is ad hominem, and adds nothing to this debate.
    Ikabot - 09 05 14 - 16:37
  10. Ikabot,you can throw as much latin at this as you like, you also seem to be an intelligent person unless of course you have googled your response. I doubt very much whether you have stood in the dock in a South African court of Law. Well I have and speak from experience. Just because the Court may have found him innocent does not mean he is in the slightest. No court in the land would have found him guilty even if they had live video footage, so regretfully it is you who is totally incorrect as facts in a South African court of law count for absolutely nothing.What counts is who your friends are and what political party you support or a member of, especially a high ranking member of the party.

    Fezeka Khuzwayo did not falsely accuse JZ of rape he was just not convicted of such. That is the truth irrespective what the courts say. I suppose next you will say that Nkandla is completely justifiable and JZ had no hand in that.

    I do agree with you though that “Ikabot you moron” is ad hominem, and adds nothing to this debate and undermining you helps nowt (northern english term)

    Maybe the SA Law should be amended to Scottish Law where a third verdict is allowed i.e. ‘Not proven’
    but how anybody in this day and age and especially anyone who has knowledge of South africa and it’s present President can say JZ was falsely accused and is innocent of rape, fraud and corruption is beyond me and most other educated south africans
    Peter - 19 05 14 - 16:06
  11. I don’t speak latin, so I had to look it up. Perhaps I was a wee bit pretentious there. I haven’t been arrested or had to defend myself in court on any charge. The presumption of innocence is an important principle in law, though, and it would give me great comfort if I ever found myself in that unhappy situation.

    For some (e.g. Femke van Zeijl), that Fezeka Khuzwayo accused Zuma of rape is proof enough that he raped her. For Femke, that she said he raped her makes him a rapist, and makes her a rape victim. However, Femke is mistaken. Zuma was not convicted of rape. It’s therefore unfair to call him a rapist, and Khuzwayo a victim as Femke has done here. At most, she is an accuser, and he is an accused.

    Under the principle of presumed innocence, a verdict of “not proven” is equivalent to a verdict of “not guilty”.
    Ikabot - 19 05 14 - 17:34
  12. And now she has returned
    peter - 09 06 14 - 16:15
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